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Jun 11 2017 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
NGO HAD WRITTEN TO CM - Alibaug civic body gets notice for poor waste mgmt system 
Vijay Singh

Navi Mumbai: 

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has sent notices to the Alibaug civic body and the gram panchayat of Kihim coastal village in Alibaug taluka, over the issue of poor garbage disposal in the town and rural parts.
The MPCB action follows a complaint by activist Sumaira Abdulali of Awaaz Foundation. “I had recently written to the state chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis that there is no proper or scientific garbage disposal system in Alibaug town and the surrounding rural areas.These are popular beach destination, but nothing is being done about the trash generated here.“
Many like-minded volunteers had recently collected several bags of trash from Kihim beach, added Abdulali. However, these are now kept at her private property in the area, waiting for the district administration to dispose it.
A health department official of Alibaug Municipal Council, Vinayak More, said, “Since it is a weekend, we will read the MPCB notice by Monday . We are trying to acquire a proper dumping ground for scientific solid waste management.“
The civic authority had reportedly applied for possession of a dumping ground in 2001, but are yet to get it. “At Kihim and other villages, the residents are burning their household waste including plastic. This leads to further pollution,“ added Abdulali.
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